Introducing our new glass mosaics.

Introducing our new glass mosaic for easy installs. About a year ago, Francisco Perdomo from MVM glass Studios contacted me to come to Mexico. He wanted my input in creating a new glass mosaic product. A glass mosaic that is accessible to everyone. I immediately jumped on a plane. I have been a fan of MVM studios since I first visited Mexico City and ooh and aahed at the mosaic murals of such artists like Diego Rivera and Siqueiros.  The opportunity to work with the Perdomo family was a chance in a lifetime.


And now it’s a year later, and we are introducing readily available glass mosaics to you.  In my three decades in the tile industry, I have never been more excited than to introduce this product. Historically in-home tile mosaics, even small backsplashes, have been impossible without contractors or messy, complicated, time-eating projects.  But now with MosaicGo, in about the time it takes to listen to a half-hour podcast, you can create a unique, beautiful, in-home mosaic. With the leftover mosaics create a tabletop or wrap a windowsill with the extra, you can always peel it off if you don’t like it. There are so many different uses for the Mosaicgo product, I can not wait to see your project and ideas and color combinations. Please send us your projects to get a discount to share with your friend or for your next project. 


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