MosaicGo is the latest creation of MVM Studios.
With a legacy of producing high quality muralist grade glass, MVM is a family-owned business founded over 60 years ago.
And now with Mosaicgo we are bringing the artistry and craftsmanship to your home and putting the creativity into your own hands.

Check out some of the amazing projects from MVM Studios.

Our Mission Statement

We are a celebrated and world leader Mexican company that specializes in the fabrication of unique glass mosaics. Our artistic and superb mosaic craftsmanship exceeds the expectations of our clients while beautifying their spaces.

Fusing tradition with innovation, operational efficiency and profitability, we hold a high standard of commitment to our artisans we employ and therefore bring to the client the highest standard of skillful mastery.

Our Vision statement

Our vision is to be one of the top mosaic companies in the world and our craftsmanship and artistry will inspire the creation of timeless and beautiful spaces.

Express your style with tile

Use your creativity to design the perfect tile mosaic for your space with ease. Our self-installing (or DIY) tiles are made of pure, elegant, durable glass and hold a color pallet that ranges from bold to subtle, from monochromatic to iridescent. Design from scratch or use our existing patterns, blends and customized colors as your launching pad. No matter where you begin, you’ll end with something stunning, unique and long-lasting — that could only be created by you.
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Decoration
  • Living room

Uniqueness made easy

We've created a garden of different colors, formats and styles jumpstart your DYI project. Create a new kitchen backsplash, outdoor tabletop or remodel an entire bathroom at half the price and time. These tiles work great over existing tiles, wood, or plaster! And you can adjust the color mixes to your liking. Just bring your creativity and love of design.


Why Mosaic Go?

We are excited to bring the enduring beauty of our traditional glass mosaics to you.

By removing the need for contractors and messy installations, a once complicated process is now simple and can be enjoyed by everyone. The tools
of the great artists are now in your hands. You can now embark on your own mosaic journey.



Is the fusion of two cultures that give life and a new identity to mosaic art
For artists and designers interested in our custom mosaic capabilities
Specialized glass mosaics for swimming pools and wet areas
A site to check out our standar glass mosaics for all spaces
For contractors interested in our advanced solution for glass coverings
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