How to install

Below we have videos to help you with the installation of your Mosaicgo sheets.
Simple 1,2,3 Tips and Tricks too. 

Wow it looks like a million bucks.

I didn’ t even need a contractor.

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Make sure you line up your Mosaicgo sheets and if they need adjusting you can peel off and start again

Install Instructions

Please follow the instructions carefully to assure the installation goes smoothly and for the best MOSAICGO results. The MOSAICGO sheets are comprised of two components, one a sticky backed felt front that will adhere to the wall. Second is the loop backed glass mosaic sheet. When pressed together they hold fast and tight.

Installation Tips and Tricks.


Great new home interior design ideas for DIY home projects. When I first met Francisco in the offices of MVM glass Studios in Mexico he


Introducing our new glass mosaic for easy installs. About a year ago, Francisco Perdomo from MVM glass Studios contacted me to come to Mexico. He

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