Bring color into your home interior design.

Great new home interior design ideas for DIY home projects. When I first met Francisco in the offices of MVM glass Studios in Mexico he showed me this fuzzy backed 12″x12″ glass mosaic sheet and he threw it up against a felt wall, and holy moly, it stuck. I was like wow!! That is a glass mosaic sheet and it stuck onto the wall just like that. What is this?? He introduced me to their new creation, called MosaicGo. He then went to his computer and showed me how I can choose a color blend from their scrumptious full body glass color mosaics and Whammo, I could create my own blend and just like that, I had my own custom-colored 12×12 glass mosaic sheet in which I could install all by myself on my kitchen backsplash or bathroom wall. There are so many cool colors of glass to choose from to spruce up your home and so fast and easy to install.

We hope you enjoy exploring these new offerings as much as we have enjoyed our collaboration in making them.  Before MosaicGO, MVM studio glass products were only available for interior designers or commercial clients.  Now new home interior design ideas are at your fingertips. And we have great DIY projects to add wonderful new designs and fun colors to your home. Please share all of your Mosaicgo home interior design projects with us to get a discount on your next project too. I love that we are able to bring the tradition of the ageless glass mosaics into your hands and have fun designing and imagining your new projects.


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