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Graphs is a modern chart pattern created with mosaic tile.

Graphs. Glass mosaics for interior decorative walls, ready to use. It is easy to install by yourself, just peel and stick. No mess, no special tools, and no experience needed. Save time and money on labor.

Graphs is an innovative design of glass mosaic, in blue and white colors, that provides elegance to any space. Due to its characteristics, it is a resistant material to moisture, has minimal maintenance, is easy to clean, does not discolor, does not stain and does not retain odors. Choose the colors you like the most and create a unique combination.

Measurements of Graphs mosaic tile:

  • 1 base foot
  • 1 tall foot
  • 5 mm thick
  • 1 mosaic tile covers a total area of ​​1 square foot
  • 1 box of mosaic tiles covers a total area of ​​10 square feet

Thanks to its easy installation, you can enjoy the best experience of installing them yourself as you prefer in interior spaces: bedroom, dining room, living room, bathroom, etc. Ready to use! You don’t need experience or additional installation services to renovate your space in a short time. The paste is suitable for smooth surfaces. Does not include mouthpiece.

The use of this product in outdoor spaces or surfaces with direct contact with water is not recommended; for example, swimming pools, showers, etc.

With MOSAICgo, there is no fear of making a mistake: easily stick and peel as many times as you want, the mosaics will not be damaged! Change it if you wish. New and strong adhesion system, resistance and durability guaranteed at the reach of gentle pressure (gently press). No additional glue is required.

Box contains 10 tiles (full boxes only) ready to use. Your projects will be possible with MOSAICgo!

MOSAICgo – Any project is possible

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