Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Purpose of collecting information. We use the personal information that we collect and that you provide voluntarily for the following purposes only:

(a) Identification.
(b) Statistics and Internal Analysis.
(c) Information.
(d) Information for clients and consumers.
(e) To provide you with access to information, services and products that you have requested, inform you about any changes to these services and products and assess the quality of the service we are offering, and/or.
(f) For contact via telephone, e-mail, regular mail and/or any other means in relation to the aforementioned purposes. In the collection and use of the personal information that you provide us, we comply with all the principles established by the Law (Article 6): legality, quality, consent, information, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and accountability.

Use of information. Unless you express your opposition in an e-mail addressed to, the information collected may be shared with one or various third- party service providers selected to manage and administer the Website of “The Company” and/or other computer and electronic media and/or marketing and/or statistics services, resulting in personal information being transferred to the above mentioned non-profit third party (ies), only in order to comply with the provision of services contracted or that may be contracted. Likewise, “The Company” may, without profit, share or transmit your personal information with its subsidiaries for the same purposes established in the preceding paragraph. Under no circumstances will we trade, sell, or rent personal information about you to a third party without your prior consent. In the event of your information being transferred to third parties who provide services to “The Company” or subsidiaries, this will be used according to the terms mentioned in this Privacy Notice. If you do not express any opposition to the transference of your data, it will be understood that you have given your consent to this information being used in a discretionary manner. The personal information you give “The Company” may be compiled and held in a database owned by “The Company” or by the “The Company’s” computer and software services provider. The protection of the privacy of the personal information of minors, of those with some form of disability and those subject to interdiction are of particular concern to “The Company” for the following reason: when we have knowledge of personal information of minors, people subject to interdiction or with some form of disability as referred to in terms of Mexican law, at all times we will use it according to the guidelines and requirements established by the Law. However this may be, “The Company” assumes no responsibility for any lack of veracity and updating of the information provided. Likewise, “The Company” reserves the right to remove or destroy information that may be contained in their files without prior notice.

Security Measures. To prevent unauthorized access to your personal information and in order to ensure that the information is used for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Notice, we have established physical and electronic barriers as well as network security equipment and technology to guarantee the integrity of the aforementioned information.

ARCO Rights. At all times you have the right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose how we use your personal information (Organic Law 15/1999 Protection of Personal Data), as well as limit its use and disclosure. In order to assert this right, send your request directly to the Privacy of Information Department of “The Company” in an e-mail addressed to This request must at least contain:

(a) Name and address or other means by which to reply to your request.
(b) Documents proving identity or, where appropriate, legal representation.
(c) Clear and precise description of the personal information with regard to which you wish to exercise any of the ARCO Rights.
(d) Any other element that may facilitate the location of personal information.

Modifications to the Privacy Notice. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Notice at any time.

We will communicate any change by posting a visible notice on our Website or on any other that may replace it. For your own protection, check the contents of this Privacy Notice at any time by sending a request to our e-mail address: You can also update your information using this same method of communication and specify how you would like to receive information. If you do not specify your preference, “The Company” will establish the means of communication it considers most appropriate for sending you information.

Applicable regulations. “The Company” is located in Mexico and all matters related to Privacy of Information and the Website are governed by Mexican law. If you are located in any country other than Mexico and you contact us, please note that any information you provide will be transferred to Mexico and at the time of entering your information you are authorizing this transfer and accepting this Privacy Notice and its subjection to Mexican law. This Privacy Notice is subject to legislation applicable to Mexico and complies with the requirements established by the Law (Articles 15 and 16). Date of issue: 01/06/2020


“The Company” may use cookies on its website to confirm your identification, customize your access to its site and review how you use them, with the sole purpose of improving your navigation and conditions of functionality, provided that the personal information of users is not collected through these cookies in terms of the Law. “The Company” Website has links to other external sites whose content and privacy policies are not the responsibility of “The Company”. Therefore the user will be subject to the privacy policies of those other sites, for which “The Company” accepts no responsibility.

Cookies are small text files sent to and stored on the computers of users that allow the Website to recognize repeat users, facilitate access to the site and permit the collection of information to improve content. Cookies used by “The Company” do not provide the personal information of users, nor can they be associated with any one person. If the user does not want cookies to be accessible on this Website, they can disable the installation of cookies on their computer by adjusting the personal settings on their browser. Consult your browser for further information and assistance.

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